• Promoting Energy Education and Entrepreneurship through IRECA

    ICEED Resource Centre Afikpo seeks to build skills, entrepreneurship and product development for the growth of Nigeria’s clean energy market.Find out more about this programme

  • Promoting sustainable cooking energy reforms in Ebonyi & Niger states

    Improving the health of women and children, empowering small businesses and reforming policies.Find out more about this programme

  • Scaling-Up Access to Sustainable Cooking Solutions in Katsina State

    ICEED partners OXFAM and the European Union to deliver locally adaptable sustainable cooking energy solutionsFind out more about this programme

  • Promoting Climate Compatible Pro-Poor Energy Infrastructure

    ICEED works with Adam Smith International to deliver sustainable infrastructure services to promote growth and poverty reductionFind out more about this programme

  • Stopping Nigeria going up in smoke

    Nigeria experiences one of the highest number of smoke-related deaths in the world. To tackle this problem, ICEED hosts the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The Alliance is a public-private partnership to introduce 10 million fuel-efficient stoves to save lives, money and our forests.Find out more about this programme

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This Expo & Conference will bring together policy makers, suppliers, retailers and consumers of the clean cooking energy value chain to support the development of an enabling environment for expanding the market for clean cookstoves and cleaner fuels; strengthen the supply chain as well as create demand for clean cooking energy solutions and display the diversity in the product range available in the Nigerian market.


Vacancies at ICEED

The International Centre for Energy, Environment & Development (ICEED) works to promote energy and climate security for Nigeria’s poor. In partnership with OXFAM Novib and the European Union, ICEED plans to improve the fuel wood balance in seven (7) Local Government Areas in Katsina State. Part of the strategy to deliver this result is through the development of the supply chain for fuel efficient woodstoves. The seven Local Government Areas include Mashi, Mai Adua, Dutsi, Daura, Sandamu, Zango and Baure.


Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Announces the Cookstoves Future Summit to Spur Investment in Clean Cooking

Washington, DC (September 18, 2014) – The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves announced today that it will host the first ministerial- and CEO-level Cookstoves Future Summit: Fueling Markets, Catalyzing Action, Changing Lives in New York City, November 20-21, 2014.