The workshop has 2 sections - a metal works section and a ceramics section

The workshop performs the following functions:

Design and construction of efficient household and institutional woodstoves;

Capacity building for SMEs on stove design, construction and maintenance; and

Assists stove developers in design and production of stoves.

  1. The metal works section has the following equipments and tools:

    Custom jigs for production of efficient 60, 100 and 200 litres single, double and 4 burner institutional woodstoves;

    Welding, grinding, drilling, rolling and bending machines;

    Cutting tools and accessories for design and production of efficient household woodstoves; and

    Various types of stove insulating material including vermiculite and fibre glass.

  2. The ceramics section has the following equipments and tools:

    Clay crusher and pug mill;

    200 liners capacity kiln; and

    Custom tools for production of ceramics based household and institutional woodstoves.

From inception till date, the workshop has achieved the following:

The workshop in collaboration with Instove Solutions, USA designed and produced the first ever efficient institutional woodstove in Nigeria – the ICEED 60 litre institutional woodstove. First deployed in 2010 as a pilot project in a public boarding secondary school in Niger State, its outstanding performance led to a number of organizations collaborating with ICEED to expand it to other schools. Till date ICEED has produced and deployed over 300 stoves to public and private boarding secondary schools in Ebonyi, Niger, Akwa Ibom, Jigawa and Nasarawa States.

The workshop working with a group of technologists from Kenya designed and produced the ICEED fuel efficient 100 and 200 institutional woodstoves in 2016. With a thermal efficiency of over 30% and firewood efficiency of about 70%, the stove has enjoyed wide acceptability and has been deployed in boarding schools, agro processing clusters, military formations and prisons in Adamawa, Borno, Niger, Ebonyi, Anambra, Cross River and Jigawa States.

ICEED is currently working with SSM China to establish a production line for modern efficient household wood and charcoal stoves.